After growing up in Egypt and studying design in the Netherlands, I now live and work in Berlin.

I focus on projects related to human rights & the promotion of an open conversation around sexuality—challenges that lead to meaningful conversations and spark new thoughts.

When I’m not working, I practice making beautiful and worthwhile things with people I find beautiful and worthwhile, which results in many small things that make the world a bit more like I’d like it to be: shiny, welcoming to talk about difficult things, and explicitly full of our individual geekeries, excitements, joys, and loves. Community, tasty food, and Tiny Books are my main output.

How to talk about difficult things, welcoming emotional vulnerability, listening.

I want to shift from freelancing towards employment to continue growing as a designer by working together with people I can look up to, learn from, and support. I am new in town, looking for my people, my places & a good job. Will you show me your favourite coffee or lunch place and tell me what you love about this city?

Think, don’t think, speak up.

Overthinking and letting go.


The difficult conversation formula!

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