ACD/writer, brandologist, content and communication strategist. Helping brands stay true to their values while inviting consumers to participate in new and interesting ways. Longtime New Yorker, recently relocated to Raleigh. Member of TriAMA, friend of AIGA. Curious listener, adventurous cook, slow-and-steady runner and recovering blog addict.

Cross-country living. Jazz & early hip hop. Great books. Spanish cinema. SoCal vs. NorCal. Grammar. Things your mom might not have taught you.

Making the great ideas come to life in the best possible ways.

There's a hero inside of you.

People who have mastered the skills I don't even posses.

Reading in a car.

Sex ed curriculum writer. Not even trying to be funny. I have always thought that how most schools handle this topic does kids a disservice. Like many other areas of life, it's really about learning to make the right decisions for yourself.

Entire passages from almost every book I've ever read.

How to bend your knees with the bass line.