As Business Development for Mohawk Fine Papers, I consult with end-users, creatives and printers to get brands noticed by using print along with digital forms of communication. Covering many different industries, I have worked with brands like Mazda, Audi, Porsche, Blanton’s, RJ Reynolds, St. Elizabeth Hospital, University of Cincinnati, Maverick (can’t leave out the chocolate)… and that was just last year. In my spare time I love all things DIY and no project seems to scare me. You can find me tasting food at the newest local farm-to-table restaurant, walking my dog (with whom I'm totally obsessed) or working on the 1899 house I'm rehabbing.

Print and paper

Connecting with other creative people for inspiration

Listen and ask questions...lots of questions

My sister. We could not be more opposite. She is SO laid back and just doesn't GAF.

Spin...I can seriously make up great stories on the fly aka I'm full of it LOL

Party planner

Every episode of The Brady Bunch

Lately - during quarantine - how to mute yourself on yet another unneeded virtual meeting.

Hope hasn't saved anything yet.