Human Resources - for all different types of industries.

We all need help in some I right? I am always looking for networking opportunities, not just for my business but to educate myself on what is out there in our great city and how can I be of help or support.

People will see in you the greatness that you do not see in yourself - Angela Smith Jones, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development for Indianapolis

This may sound cheesy but my parents. Extremely hard working, my dad worked for GM for 25 years and my mom, after my dad retired and all of us kids were grown and on our own, to have her own career in doing something she loves- quilting. She is the first person in the world to make a QR code quilt that actually works, she is a pattern editor and sample maker for multiple fabric companies and quilting magazines. While my dad instilled a hard working mentality in our heads, our mother increased our understanding of doing what you love and putting family first. I am incredibly proud of my parents and look to them daily for advice, support and love.

I am powerful in showing others how amazing and talented they are. I like helping others see things in them that they either don't see or have forgotten and building up their confidence.

Owning my own business is my backup career :)

People's likes and dislikes when it comes to gift giving for family and friends.

I would teach someone how to hem a pair of pants.

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