Graphic/Web Designer, Writer/Editor, Artist, & Basket Weaver

Graphic design (print & digital publishing), mural painting, illustration, praying, UX, website development in HTML and WordPress. I have also earned merit badges in project management, event management, team management, and cat herding.

Drupal development - looking for a skilled developer to assist with project parts (paid contracting - no barter or bloodletting).

"You never know until you've eaten it." "Home is where you hang your hat" "Jesus has all of the answers because He wrote the book."

People who are seldom late.

Basketweaving. Yes, even under water.

NASA Craft/Life Skills Instructor for New Colonies (the position hasn't been created yet so I'm waiting for NASA to call me).

Stupid, useless stuff - i.e. average number of dimples on a golf ball; childhood home address and phone # from 40 years ago; names of dogs & cats I meet (not the owners, just the animals)

Too many subjects to choose. Maybe 1- polite driving skills on Texas highways; 2- basket weaving basics; or 3- effective praying.