Krish Ghosh is the Chief Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer for Dreamztech Solutions Inc. As a driven technology leader, he is responsible for managing Dreamztech’s corporate growth as a leading provider of global IT consulting & client services. An Engineering Graduate with 15 years of hands-on experience in building strategic plans and solutions for small to large enterprises and growing startups, Krish has managed large critical cross-business projects.

A natural communicator with Exceptionally strong presentation skills and strong ability to provide cost-effective but high impact solutions, maximizing the value of technology investments helps him to manage great client relationship management.

Krish’s Specific areas of interest and expertise include Digital Marketing, IoT - Device To Dashboard Solution, Cloud, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Progressive Web App, AI, Big Data & Analytics arena; focused on solution building, design & implementation of data-driven platforms.

In last 2 financial Years, Krish has established partners in different vertical markets and helped to grow Channel Revenue to 40% of overall revenue and negotiated Company’s largest contract for long-term renewal.

Krish is an active participant in Sports and has participated in various events as a member, team lead and instructor. He is also a keen amateur photographer.

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