Cymraes o'r gogledd, bilingual copywriter, digital marketer, Welsh translator, Facebook advertising specialist, nonfiction writer and inexplicable beatboxer.

Memes and how to keep a cactus alive for two days (don't ask me about three).

Keeping my cactus alive for longer than two days.

'Follow your dreams', which I DID and I am now the proud owner of a small hoover called Gibby.

The cashier at Spar who always offers me a free copy of The Sun despite me constantly turning her down - you gotta admire such perseverance in this day and age.

I can skydive without a parachute. But only once.

Skydive instructor - briefly.

A disturbing amount of Titanic trivia (both film and actual maritime disaster).

How to beatbox.

That GIF of a bin lorry trying to pick up a wheelie bin but accidentally sending it flying across the street. Gets me every time.