I'm not your everyday psychologist...I trained in sport and exercise but have been working with issues surrounding corporate performance in business ownership, employee-land and sport performance. I commonly work with those experiencing general mental health issues (experiences of depression, anxiety, grief, loss, loss of confidence, self-esteem, significant life transitions, bullying and harassment). I'm very keen to operate practising as a psychologist differently as the trading time for money model, is simply not sustainable and is financially limiting.

psychology, macarons...

Being better at creating online products that I can sell to supplement income alongside my current trading-time-for-money model

There have been so many good gems! The most recent one has been FOCUS focus on one course until successful.

My mum...she died when I was 15, in a car accident, however taught us how to look after ourselves. She demonstrated how we can participate so fully in life and enjoy it, to live in many directions, if we choose to. Cherie Barber and Dominique Grubisa. I have seen and watched them grow their empires to be global organisations. As women in business in Australia, I see them as blazing the trail.

Being able to participate fully in the present as well as concurrently being the diplomatic observer.

Going into food-blogging and recipe creation for mental health. And if money was no issue, I would be setting up a food hall as well as running a sport psychology clinic based around equestrian...travelling the world and working with the worlds best athletes.

That I don't like the amount of administration I have to do in my business! How to catch the tube and metro in London, make macarons, scones and many yummy food dishes at the drop of a hat.

How to relax to calm the effects of anxiety through alternate nostril breathing, diaphragmatic breathing and tapping.

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