Individual living in many worlds, reconciling worldviews that crash into one another, deeply caring about the truth and people, holding so much love for people and our journeys, our pain and our hope, hoping to deal with pain head-on, ready to show up as my imperfect self

data analytics, data visualization, database management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), international development, project management

creative writing, fine arts, poetry

Your logic and reason catch up to your intuition.

Reese Witherspoon for breaking out of the mold, defying the stereotypes and restraints put on her by others, and finding deep, productive work that frees others from accepting unnecessary restraints.

It was visible from when I was little that I had the ability to see and feel many different viewpoints. On one side, this has caused moments of confusion when I did not know which one was mine or could be mine by choice. It has caused me to experience more pain on top of my own. On the other hand, I am a warm, round rock with an internal well of compassion and empathy.

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