Who am I? I’m the special someone who’s ultra-organized and lives to create order from the chaos.

I’m a Chaos Wrangler. Team Leader. Systems Lover.

I help you stay aligned, work smarter, and free your capacity to expand your audience, launch an event, build your community, increase your revenue.

Chaos Wrangler: I’m an innovative problem-solver with an eye for detail and an even greater sense of ownership. Organizing is my superpower - I excel in keeping my eye on multiple tasks and nerd out on documenting work and process flow. Hand me a mess and I’m going to create something that makes sense.

Team Leader: I’m the hub, center for information, in bringing the team together and achieving your big idea. It can be hard to find the right people and even when you do, maybe your sweet spot isn’t managing them. Well, mine is. I geek out on setting people up for success and developing the culture of work in your business.

Systems Lover: Creating workflows and reviewing apps to develop best practices for your business? My eyes light up with the possibility of how we can elevate your big ideas by implementing clarity through process. I get giddy when I think about how a system can support making a big impact. Nothing I love more than getting on the phone and talk about the operations side of business. Remember, I’m the nerd who loves research, filing and turning chaos into order. You might be asking how did I get this way?

Well, I’m the kid who played office. I had an electric typewriter and a box of canceled checks from the neighbor lady. I wrote memos to stuffed animals and sorted checks. I organized and alphabetized files, because, yes, I had a filing cabinet.

My favorite book was The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenwieler, because, yes...Files! Mystery! Research!

It’s in my DNA and my 9-year-old self knew this was my superpower.

That’s not to say I haven’t swerved. Oh I have and big. Swerve one, getting a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Swerve two, becoming a Certified Co-Active Coach. Both lead to the biggest swerve of all, partnering with my husband to help build a coffee roasting business which we grew with a third partner and sold.

At this season of life, I understand all these seemingly disparate experiences are what contribute to the greater whole of who I am and how I can show up, side by side, with my clients.

Helping visionary entrepreneurs solve their capacity issues so they can do what's most important to move the needle forward in business growth. Creating systems to help you get organized with your money or a project that's been languishing on the back burner for far too long.

meeting people

Came in the form of a question "what's your Step One?" which is from Rob Bell's book, How To Be Here. I can get bogged down it trying to get it all figured out before I start. His question/advice to start with Step One, reminds me it will inform Step Two, Three + so on. The only way to do anything is to simply start.

Who: my mom who is fighting a fierce battle against breast cancer. Why: her undefeatable spirit + positive outlook on life. It's amazing + fills my heart with joy.



Weird small details that are seemingly not important.

How to write a thank-you note.

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