Hayley Meyer is driven by the desire to engage in meaningful creative endeavours by infusing the "why" of passionate businesses into the missions of their projects. With an eye for detail and a sleek, playful and positive aesthetic, she enjoys extracting the essence and values of a brand or idea and visually communicating these to inform and inspire both the client, stakeholders and the ever-important end user.

Extremes and the rollercoaster. The struggles versus wins. Pain versus pleasure. Planning versus achieving. Visualising what's possible and going out and getting it!

I need a PA :)

Always surround yourself with bigger fish and you'll keep growing.


Project manager. Professional Organiser.

How to plan out their day in order to achieve goals, be productive, eat nutritious food, live sustainably, connect with others and incorporate self-care activities. I'm by no means perfect at all of this, but I think we should all be teaching each other our tricks in order to live each day in the fullest way - even if it is living mindfully and truly being present!

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