Hattie has 10 years of experience in creative advertising (both traditional and pharmaceutical), coupling user experience with creative solutions across multiple mediums – specializing in digital platforms.

Hattie approaches creative strategy with a medium-agnostic point of view, taking “the big idea” and reimagining it in a variety of digital and traditional formats. Hattie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, Advertising minor.

I consider myself lucky to have spent majority of my creative career in the digital space; growing in an ever-changing industry of design, code, and technology.

In exchange for unrelenting ownership and accountability, some security and stability would be ideal. I'm looking for a workplace to call home—whether it be local or remote, where I can contribute to more than just deliverables, but ideally the creative culture.

1.) work for free. 2.) Consumers don’t buy products. They buy product benefits. 3.) Create your own title.

Bartending—literally. Though also a beauty school dropout & have a knack for interior decorating.

You don't have to be THE best, but challenge yourself to be YOUR best every single day.

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