With over eight years international marketing experience in events and brand positioning within the arts and entertainment industry, I have a proven track record of exceeding project targets. I'm an exceptional communicator and team leader, with contagious enthusiasm and a drive for achieving results in a timely and impressive manner.

Leading creative projects across London, Sydney Opera House, and most recently at Adelaide Festival, has showcased my strengths in team management, digital marketing, strategic partnerships, art direction, brand positioning and budget administration. I'm looking for a Director level position in an innovative arts or entertainment focused company, who wants to increase audience engagement and profit through data-driven insights and activity.

Events and Brand marketing, drawing insights from analytics, the arts and entertainment industries, the end-to-end of how to move tickets, surf life saving and yoga.

Web development and design, and understanding new communities/audiences

Say yes to everything, BUT stipulate the "when" (eg. sure, I could do that next week/month etc.). Also, show up for what you've committed to.

My laugh - it's loud and joyous, and shifts the energy of a room.

I side hussle as a yoga teacher - so definitely that

numbers - dates and times and sales figures.

How to breath - deeply and calmly. It can change your whole perspective and demeanor, and helps you make better decisions (its also free and always accessible).

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