- With over ten years of experience as a marketing consultant and graphic designer, my interdisciplinary background brings together the scientific method to finding answers, an appreciation for the fine art sensibility, and creating pleasing and functional design. I design, code, and manage marketing to communicate consistently through integrated – Website + Blog Development – Email Marketing + Design – Social Media Marketing – Brand Identity – Print Collateral

Email and website design and marketing, and making business cards.

Getting paid what I think my experience and service are worth and getting new clients that understand my value. Keeping up with trends and being relevant.

Be curious, ask questions, be brave, know what you do best and what you can improve.

My clients for working with me and providing inspiration to push me to do my work in new ways.

Working remotely and in-person (when possible) for clients in the USA and Europe.

Never had one.

To help my clients look their best - regardless of if it's an email, website, business card - because people always notice when something is off or not perfect.

I love to show one small task that I clients can do to feel in control and understand how I help them. For example, the MailChimp app is a great way to see stats from email campaigns and contact list.

I create and manage email marketing and design using MailChimp. This year i started making animated gifs since they take up less space than showing a series of photos, and it's easier for the client to sit back and watch.

See this email with an animated gif I made using parts of a video called "Eau So Hypnotic" for a NYC and Paris commercial photographer Adam Savitch at The video was made by Adam Savitch and Versatile Studios In New York. I thought it would be helpful to give the feeling of the actual video (but without audio) by showing two small parts of video. I made jpgs of the frames and recreated a hypotic animated gif.

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