I am a board-certified music therapist with training in trauma-informed therapy practices, and Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT). I have experience working with limited resource youth, adults and youth with special needs, mental health and wellness, and other populations within music therapy and adaptive art. During AmeriCorps service, I coordinated after-school and summer recreation programming for limited resource youth; facilitated community workshops, events, and enrichment in music, art, outdoor education, and outdoor adventures such as camps and backpacking trips. A few of my creative outlets include guitar, songwriting, community music making, ceramics, graphic design and photography. I am an art educator, with training in integrating the arts into classroom curriculum. I am passionate about the role that the arts have to play in our schools and community, not only for extracurricular learning and entertainment, but for dynamic learning across all subjects, student success, and the rich healing power of music, nature, and the arts, within ourselves and the greater community.

music therapy, art education, special ed., outdoor ed., event planning.

business mentoring.



How to play a song on the ukulele.

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