Hi, My company is One Conversation Coaching & Facilitation. As a Coach, I normally empower people to improve their interpersonal skills, to gain clarity, get new perspectives, resolve issues, achieve gutsy goals and create extraordinary relationships... One Conversation at a time! I help people with personal and professional development, as well as relationship building. This may include goal setting, communication skills, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, assertiveness training, confidence building and finally being fearless, pro-active and unstoppable!

Coaching individuals, couples, families or groups helping people find Happiness, achieve Success and develop Extraordinary Relationships is at the heart of my work.

With my background in Social Services and Life Skills Coaching, I can help you deal with your past (if you are comfortable doing so), as most fears, obstacles, limiting beliefs and unproductive behavioural patterns originated as early as childhood. Exploring one's past often provides great insight and understanding to their current situation and having some closure enables compelling futures to emerge... one that empowers you and the people in your life. Connect to see what One Conversation can do for you. www.oneconversation.com

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