Doing anything spectacular requires divergent thinking; especially in adverse, negative feedback loops and highly predictable, routine “Innovation Kill Zone” ecosystems. Without the new solution, or an improved renewing solution, there is no Where to Play, How to Play, How to Win strategy and innovation to deliver!

Grant Millin is a Strategy Innovator and is the StratGen CEO. StratGen is a Solution Design and Strategic Innovation consulting firm. Grant has masters’ degrees in project management and entrepreneurship, and completed several MBA courses.

Grant has developed Solution Design, a Front End of Innovation practice, and Open Strategic Innovation (OSI), a Future of Work platform using Podio and MindJet MindManager. [Hint: Solution Design and OSI work well together.] His research areas include developing existing technology suitable for team knowledge management, project management, innovation, and strategy (i.e. Solution Design and OSI).

He has a BA Interdisciplinary Studies, Independent Degree in Sustainability and Security Studies. Grant’s approach to climate change comes from deep learning in strategy, innovation, and communications issues behind Anthropogenic Climate and the opposing force of coordinated climate protection.

Grant has a Charrette System Certificate from the National Charrette Institute and has personally participated in dozens of workshops and trainings. Grant has several FEMA Continuity of Operations certificates and developed a municipal agency Continuity of Operations plan. Continuity of Operations relates to resiliency from human and natural negative events, i.e. what to do in the face of Anthropogenic Climate.

Grant was the North Carolina project manager for the historic Hydrogen Road Tour which involved the DOE, EPA, and DOT as well as many of the world's auto manufacturers. He produced and was on the panel of the Smart Grid and Hydrogen Economies symposium at Duke University. Grant initiated the current Swannanoa Superfund Community Advisory Group. Grant is a GroWNC consortium member. GroWNC was the Western North Carolina program for the Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative that included HUD and the EPA.

Grant also has an extensive multimedia background including publishing 100+ commentaries and letters to the editor, motion picture production experience, and has appeared in the news as a subject in many cases. Earth Lab 2 / Creation Care Climate are just two programs of several within a national impact nonprofit Grant is developing.

Strategic Innovation. For example moving from a climate crisis to climate protection will be hard. More people with a new strategic innovation mindset is needed.

Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Thomas Edison. His ability to transform civilization is worth study. Of course electricity now needs to be decarbonized. Also Jesus Christ.

Strategic Innovation

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