Graca Paz is an artist born in the late 60s in Porto, Portugal who’s found a home in the silent and picturesque northern Portuguese countryside. She’s been highly influenced by her musical upbringing and by her natural interest in emotional psychology. Through her work, Graca uses geometric abstraction as a means to express classical music's emotional and psychological impact in the human psyche. Through her large-scale watercolor work, Graca is on a journey to mastering the subliminal balance between the structure of geometry and the fluidity of water. Graca originally studied Fashion Design in her 20s at the Cooperative de Arte in Porto.

Papers and watercolor. Iam a lover...Also connecting spirituality with my work I`ve a student for many years of this connection.

That there are far better thing ahead than the one we leave behind. I don't know who said this but it Its always in my mind and also that I shouldn't worry, because everything passes said Santa Teresa D`Ávila. I wrote it in my kitchen doors.

I think its Caroline Myss. For years that I study her work, with her, many nights in my bed I made many of her workshops. She helped me a lot no knowing and still does. I like her posture of a pragmatic mystic, I totally relate with her.

Connecting people together, organizing my life and others two if they let me...discipline, and I developed (today I see it like a sad superpower but its!!) a resilience in difficulties and my power grows exponentially in adversity wish I see now has an unconscious addiction.

I don`t have one now but it use to be giving art classes.

My childhood in my fathers village.

Something I learn with my own experience before having read about it. That if we don't makes our necessary changes the universe will do it for us but usually in the limits and with strong consequences, and also that if we don't say NO our body does it for us.

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