Hello Lovely. I'm Magogodi. A bookworm from Soweto, an immigrant and the world's foremost monkey-gif enthusiast :) Like Steve Bantu Biko, I Write What I Like and share these adventures at http://magogodimakhene.com. I'm lit up by creativity and how much it can feed our most primal human hunger to be seen and heard and to connect with our innermost Being. Currently, I'm writing a novel and working with a brilliant team to cofound KYNDRED Co--a company dedicated to helping folks craft and maintain a creative practice. More about KYNDRED Co at http://wearekyndred.com, where you can also signup for our weekly newsletter on creativity.

Ha! Already sweaty palms...I know enough to know how little I in fact know. I do know about my experiences in South Africa. I know about being an immigrant in the U.S. And I know about the magical wonders of N.Y.C.

Staying Joyful. Please share your good vibes

Be Here Now

My mother. She who is God

LTFOL...how's that a secret then? I can throw a wicked salad together

You should have met me 3yrs ago. Would've said law school. Now nada. Zero fcs left to give ;)

What I wore

How to be. How to zero in on this moment.


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