I am a Marketing Communications Expert turned Career Success Coach. I guide people to achieve their own version of success, through one-on-one Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting. All my services are delivered online, in English, Italian or Spanish.

empowerment, career development, work/life balance, CV content optimisation, LinkedIn content optimisation, job interview prepping, career mentoring, career success, entrepreneur challenges, business planning, marketing planning, communications planning, Italian or Spanish to English translations/transcreation

web tech

Everything Eckart Tolle says in "The Power of Now"

My dad = a self-made, explorer, risk-taker, entrepreneurial man and My mum = a highly spiritual, balanced and loving person

I can almost always "read" people easily... and apparently I am a wise owl, a good guide and I make people laugh!

Actress and film director

All the big events in my life!

Self-love = becoming a Me-Powered professional

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