Globally minded, culturally aware, aviation and customer service expert who problem solves with a "Minnesota Nice" approach. I am originally from Minnesota, USA, and I moved to Gothenburg in November 2016 to be with my Swedish boyfriend (who I met online in the summer of 2014). I have previously also lived in Chicago, Long Beach California (Los Angeles area), and Germany, and I've traveled to a total of 18 countries and 34 USA states. My career field is in customer service (because of my "Minnesota Nice" personality)--with a specialty in the aviation and travel industry (I do also know how to fly airplanes!). Besides aviation, my other interests include exploring new places, writing, music, and movies. In my current spare time, I have been doing some dogsitting (I LOVE animals!), I am on the board of both the American Women's Club of Gothenburg and the International Women's Club of Gothenburg, I've worked on finding (and meeting) my living Swedish relatives (my farfar was 100% Swedish blood!), and I am currently working on trying to set up a new website/blog/forums about moving to Sweden and "becoming Swedish".

Aviation, travel, dogs and cats.


When things don't work out how you planned them, find a new way to approach it to accomplish your goal(s).

Anyone who has been resilient through adversity.

Having any and every dog love me and want to be my friend immediately!

Opening a doggy daycare. Or a proper American-style Diner/Café (there aren't any PROPER ones here, so far!)

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