Gina is a writer, performer, dancer, choreographer, yogi, spirited traveler and credentialed pilgrim. She is a Licensed Zumba Instructor and a Certified Yoga Instructor with a 200 RYT and 300 RYT certification (LIVE LOVE TEACH + Asheville Yoga Center). Her original pilgrim story, “When She Passes,” detailing one of her pilgrimages (Camino Portuguese) is featured within the vast and vital storytelling of Teatro Luna’s “Talking While Female and Other Dangerous Acts.” (Available on Audible.)

Being a pilgrim along the Camino de Santiago (commonly referred to as The Way of Saint James).

Let go or be dragged.

My “Buddy” (AKA my grandpa) He’s in his 90’s and still hides candy and cookies all around the house. He also still giggles loudly and often. Lastly, he knows how to operate the landline from the other room so he and my grandma can both chat with me when I call. What a sweetheart.


All of the lines to Groundhog Day and Major League.

New Zumba choreography! Most likely salsa or bachata.

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