Gilli Apter is a Johannesburg born-and-raised comic, comedy writer and director.

Gilli, pronounced with a hard G, has worked as a comedy writer since 2005, on a variety of different platforms. Her work includes Marc Lottering’s sitcom, Loitering in Jozi; SAFTA-winning shows, ZAnews and Those Who Can’t, and most recently, Nik Rabinowitz’s 2016/2017 one-man show, Fortyfied.

(Yes, comedy writing is a thing that can be done in South Africa.)

Gilli has directed countless meaningless corporate videos and a handful of equally meaningless commercials.

In 2015 Gilli started doing stand-up herself - because after enduring success writing TV shows that no one has ever seen, the next logical step was to do stand-up in places no one ever goes to.

The big-picture plan is for the comedy, writing and directing to come together for a threesome that results in a few loveable TV series and feature film lovechildren.

What she would really like ultimately though, is to not have to write any more bios.

Gilli hasn't saved anything yet.