I have kissed the Blarney Stone, watched a sunset on the Eiffel Tower, climbed volcanoes, had more than one helping of duck blood, brought in the New Year on the Charles Bridge, called Italy home, shredded the powder of Backcomb, snorkeled in Nassau, ventured to the biggest metal Buddha, swam with octopi in Hawaii, and I'm still hungry for more!

I love making new ideas happen. I co-founded the Cowlick Appeal to engage with people and their brands, and to bring new life into stagnant companies through collaboration and good design. I believe it doesn’t have to be difficult to step out and be different; it’s about the confidence you have in the team that surrounds you.

With over 15 years of experience, I have designed magazines, art-directed photo shoots, re-branded countless companies, created multimedia advertisements for the action sports industry, developed and managed the Life+Gear brand, successfully launched multiple products, and developed strategies for co-branded licensors: Sanrio, National Geographic, and The Collegiate Licensing Company. I have had the extreme pleasure of managing teams in-house and abroad.

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