Thompson has been in consumer finance market for nearly 2 decades, perfecting stellar and proprietary wealth management strategies that allow for stress-free retirement. He currently dabbles in the advanced financial strategy with Synergistic Life Services (annuities, final expense insurance) and the legal cannabis industry with the groundbreaking company & SEC-compliant Doyen Elements International. His recent efforts dealing with the U.S. legal cannabis infastructure has taught him a lot about business, the law, and how to succeed in voluptous waters. The soon-to-be-Doyen Elements International wil be a full-service Cannabis supplier, manufacturer, and product provider to small cannabis shops in California, Nevada, Colorado, D.C., and many more! If you'd like to stay up-to-date with Thompson's activities, be sure to follow him on Facebook or Twitter or connect on LinkedIn to reach out with business ideas and partnerships.

Advanced financial strategy. Investing and capital aquisition. Legal cannabis infastructure.

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