Hi. I'm your friendly neighborhood doodler. You can find me sketching away in the crowd at CreativeMornings MIA, much like Waldo. I'm shy, but friendly.

My hobbies include: sketching, playing my ukulele, photo editing, impersonating Jack Skellington, puns.

Photo retouching/ Photoshop, analogue Photoshop, bunnies, Tim Burton's filmography, dreams, and music.

I'm always learning, so my favorite answer is everything.

Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. -Chuck Close

Vincent Van Gogh. Despite bleak outlooks and rough times, he always had a great eye for beauty and lived with that positive outlook as best as he could.

Mind reading, intuition, and the ability to measure/scale things by the pixel.

I would teach, but I think I do that anyway.

Can you really be aware of something that requires no effort? Symmetry is something I do unsolicited.

How to play the ukulele, or speed photoshop.