I am an artist from New York. I went to LaGuardia High School of Music & The Arts and College at SUNY Buffalo where I graduated With a BFA in Painting. I've been bartending for 22 years in Austin and am attempting to open my own establishment within the next few years. I love great food, music, film, theater and pretty much all the arts, and enjoy the company of funny, creative people

creating artwork, making cocktails, movies, horror and fantasy books, BBQ, music in general, comic books

planning for my future and achieving a higher level of success

Don't sweat the small stuff

I admire Bernie Sanders because I truly believe he wants to make the world a better place and will fight with all his heart to make that happen

Staying positive when it seems like everything is working against you


trivial information

How to make a proper Old Fashioned

Trump pooping out of his mouth

Eric hasn't saved anything yet.