Kiwi in NYC. Founder & Creative Director of Lucid. Shopify Plus Expert. Founder of The Bridge Street Collective. Creator of The Foodbank Project.

Learning how to run a business by trial-and-error and figuring things out along the way.

Learning how to focus better on doing one thing at a time.

In parenting: don’t listen to anyone’s advice (or certainly don’t take it too seriously!). In business: as a creative freelancer building out a team for the first time, don’t immediately hire other creatives if that’s what you’re good at and love doing; hire an administrator to do all the stuff you’re not good at and dislike doing.

Perhaps more of a “if I wished I could do something else” than a backup career, I think I’d love being an urban designer—creating spaces for people and building communities.

My phone number from when I was a child.

I’m not sure if I could teach it but I would talk about finding joy in our work and focusing on what we’re best at to strive to bring value to our clients.