I am the sarcastic author of The Italian Saga: an indie series taking place in gorgeous Italy, and talking about everything I was told is impolite to talk about.

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Be relentless

Mmmm...many people. Matthew Inman (author of the Oatmeal) comes to mind. He managed to do his own thing from his couch, reaching millions and educating through entertaining. He's super creative and pretty darn cute too.

Empathy! And…I can write anywhere, anytime.

I am a Professor of Biology though I am not sure which career is primary and which a backup

Feelings, emotions, and complicated molecular biology pathways ;)

I would teach them to draw a line between the things you can control and the things you cannot. It's amazing how, once you do that, you will never have a reason to be upset again. If it's up to you; change it. If it's not; why wasting your time?

Gaia hasn't saved anything yet.