I'm a UX/UI specialist at Ben E. Keith Foods, the people deliver food to restaurants in the bottom states of the US. I also coach girls middle school basketball team for a charter school.

Before Ben E. Keith, I worked at Citgo, Gridpoint, Texas Instruments and BNSF for over the past 20 years including a 2-year run owning my own digital company Creative 8.

basketball, writing, coding, Dallas cowboys, beer and BBQ

Trust your passion, identify your dreams, and find the courage to share them with others, no matter how many times they call you a crazy.

I most admire a Bill Strickland in Pittsburgh. He built Manchester Bidwell and he caters to the disadvantage by being a liaison between big business and those who need new job skills while treating them like the best of the best.

I can talk all day long

coaching basketball. A passion I picked up after my first son was born.

little tidbits about the Dallas Cowboys present and past.

The difference between a 2-3 zone and man to man in basketball