I'm a very creative person. I do many different things. I made a sign for my desk that says "MAKE COOL SHIT", which I try to live by every day. I've worked for Costco for 31 years. I've gone to the Art Institute, and I continue to stay sharp and happy thanks to the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. I'm in a MINI car club. I cut vinyl stickers with a Graphtec FC2100 plotter out of Illustrator CS4 running on an old iMac. My black lab's name is Ollie, and he is spoiled by my wife. I love the pen tool so much I want to marry it. #Bézier4Life I like to make street art. I enjoy helping kids not be afraid to draw and make things. I absolutely kick ass at soft skills. I can talk to anyone at a party, and yet, I fall apart when trying to do presentations. I overshare like a boss. I drive nice, until I'm alone on a country road. I work on old cars. I have a disco in my garage. I DJ for friends. I love almost any food, and almost any music. I prefer comedies over drama/horror. I was born in 1967. I can't follow instructions, obviously. I resist. I question. I fight for those who cannot.

Old school vinyl graphics. Kraftwerk. Air-cooled VWs. Soft skills. How to make a lounge space totally awesome. How to apex a turn and hit a good line. Sex. Music. Food. Kindness and compassion. Photoshop. Being awkward.

Everything else. Confidence. Focus. Painting. Photoshop. Sex. Organization. Tinnitus. Bills.

"What you can't do doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you CAN do."

Trick question. I admire different people for different reasons. Some for overcoming great odds, and others for never having to struggle but still helping others to succeed. I admire the quiet hero. The meek that are strong underneath. The ones who seek out those who are sad to help make them happy. The empathetics.

Awkwardness. If I were a super hero, I'd be Captain Awkward. It helps me be more empathetic, and keeps me humble.

When I was younger, it was DJing. Now I'm thinking maybe it's more like when a friend opens a business and I'm like, "Oh man! WE gotta put a bar over there and some plants here, and play this playlist, and have these colors and textures here and there and you gotta advertise by partnering with this other business, and let's make a great logo and put it on an old van we get off craigslist and fix up, and ...." yeah.. that's it.

I can't remember. Maybe the mistakes I've made and people whose feelings I've hurt?

How to make tiny rockets out of matches. It's fun & dangerous.

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