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Nowadays, people are more and more inclined to depend on computer-we work on computer, read on computer, make friends on computer, purchase on computer, and entertain on computer. Computer seems to be a necessity of our daily life. Therefore, how to optimize it to achieve the best performance becomes a common concern. This article will offer some suggestions to optimize your computer.

Get anti-virus software to keep your computer safe and secure. The number one comes to our list is how to keep your computer safe and secure. If your computer is vulnerable to all kinds of virus attack then you cannot even get it functioned normally, not to mention how to optimize it. You must install trustworthy anti-virus software on your computer and turn on the feature to automatically update the virus database. This can ensure that your computer would not be attacked by latest security threats.

Scan the registry and fix registry errors. Registry is the crucial part of your computer. It stores all hardware, software and network configurations and changes. Every activity of your computer will add an entry or a key within the registry. If the registry is corrupted, your computer will suffer a wide range of problems, such as slow start-up and shutdown, Blue Screen of Death, IE errors like DLL Error and script Error, and even system collapse. However, it is impossible to avoid registry errors since you cannot check it every time you give an order to the computer. Then how to thoroughly scan registry and fix registry errors in time is what we should concern. Find a good registry cleaner to perform in-depth scan and cleaning up regularly, you will be able to get rid of registry errors.

Delete temporary files and uninstall unnecessary programs. Temporary files and unnecessary programs can occupy large space of your hard disk and take up plenty of RAM. These will slow down the computer and affect the smooth operation of other necessary programs. So delete or uninstall them would certainly improve the performance of your computer.

Patch and update. Patch and update your operating system would guarantee a healthy and optimized operating environment for you. Turn on the automatically patch and update feature, then you can enjoy a better experience every time new patches and update files comes out.

You can find some useful suggestions mentioned in this article as to How to Optimize PC. Certainly there are other aspects concerned with optimize pc. You can keep on reading my other articles to learn other ways to optimize pc performance.

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