Born in Denmark in 1970. Have lived in Switzerland since 2006. Education: M.Sc. Economics and business administration. Specialization in strategy and management. Likes to 1) do research, 2) think, for example about changes happening around us and how we can adapt to them, 3) create and publish education materials, 4) ask questions that help advance learning and innovation.

Strategy and management innovation. Please visit to learn more.

Lots of things. Examples: 1. Understand more about what emotions people have in different situations and how we express them. 2. Understand what needs people have in different situations in life. 3. Understand what artificial intelligence is and how AI will change how we work. 4. Learn how to sing better / train how I use my voice.

Advice by Ekki Kuppel: 1. Be the change you want to see. 2. Many things that you can count don’t really count. And many things that really count, you can't count.

Gary Hamel. Great strategic thinker. Sees what will be important for people and businesses to do tomorrow - and challenges us all to learn and do things differently.

If machines don't take over this task, then maybe DJ on innovative projects such as space expeditions and the like ;-)

How the totally black poodle dog, that my parents gave me for my 5th birthday just after they had divorced, loved me.

Questions to discover your values. Be careful: This presentation will be interactive. In other words, you will be invited to participate and get involved in learning about yourself and the person next to you.