Born in Denmark in 1970. Have lived in Switzerland since 2006. Education: M.Sc. Economics and business administration. Specialization in strategy and management.

Strategy and management innovation. Please visit to learn more.

Lots of things. 7 examples: 1. Understand better what values people choose to live in different situations in life - and why. 1. Understand more about what emotions people have in different situations in life as well as how we express our emotions. 3. Understand what artificial intelligence is and how AI will change how we work and learn, for example how we learn about ourselves. 4. Learn how to sing better / train how I use my voice. 5. Learn more about democracy - including digital democracy. 6. Learn how to become better at understanding, speaking and writing Chinese. 7. Learn more about who I am - including my personality, values and purpose.

Advice by Ekki Kuppel: 1. Be the change you want to see. 2. Many things that you can count don’t really count. And many things that really count, you can't count.

Gary Hamel. Great strategic thinker. Sees what will be important for people and businesses to do tomorrow - and challenges us all to learn and do things differently. Wants to pull out bureaucracy by its roots, for example because it's inefficient and inhuman. Pushes for radical openness.

Top 3 skills endorsed by people via LinkedIn: Coaching. Strategy. Change management.

Als ich über die Geschwindigkeit, mit welcher sich Technologien in zahlreichen Bereichen sich in diesen Jahren entwickelt, stelle ich mir vor, dass es von hoher Bedeutung wird für jeden Menschen 1) laufend Neues zu lernen und 2) persönliche Werte und persönlichen Sinn laufend zu reflektieren um so besser fokusieren zu können.

Sehr gern erinnere ich mich an die Entwicklung der Velobrücke zwischen Kraftwerk und Züri HB. Und es würde mich sehr freuen von euch zu lernen, was wir noch besser machen können.

Questions to discover your values. Be careful: This learning event / conversation / chat will be highly interactive. In other words, you will be invited to participate and get involved in learning about yourself. I will help you discover and prioritize your most important values and help you learn to find and define your current purpose.