I graduated with a BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts) at forty two years of age. Quite a feat, considering most people have already established themselves as practicing artist at this point in their lives. I continue to push boundaries and always back myself with any project I undertake. I do not strive for continuous accolades but am open to being acknowledged for my achievements. 2021 feels like we may well be on the verge of something new and exciting, apart from ( and perhaps due to ) the huge set backs of the past year. Generally speaking, I am an optimist and a dreamer of ideas and ideals.

Art and Art History including Contemporary Art

Accounting and business savvy stuff

Don't say anything unless it's worth saying

My dad JLP Macassey. He taught me so much with a few well chosen words.



Who the most important people are in my life, starting with family.


Beach and ocean

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