moved from a little town to a big one to get inspired by awesome people every day (big cities tend to hold more of them ..). i like making things/ideas work. i like being surprised by how insanely good a solution for a real shitty problem can be. and the effortlessness that it's showing if you don't know the whole process behind it.

dogs. because i love them very much (they're generous and always fun to be around). kitesurfing. running. typography. CMYK

thinking bigger than i did until now.

Clients are humans too.

There are many: First of all is my dad - because he is my dad and he really is intelligent as hell. Second: Tina Roth Eisenberg - I saw her at TypoBerlin2015. Her speech was extremely inspiring, but on a level everyone can relate to. That impressed me because i think that's really hard to come up with.

baking. dancing.

Kitesurfing & travelling the world. Rescuing dogs from humans that don't care.

the smell of oranges and deep dark wooden floors.

how to dye your hair.