Faye Fulton has been a keynote speaker, a communications trainer, and a professional storyteller for over two decades. She is a long-standing member of the National Speakers Association and has conducted workshops in all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii). She is a member of the National Storytelling Network, and she is a Board Member of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild. She grew up in Sicily and Trinidad and has traveled throughout the world. Her travels and experiences with different cultures are reflected in her stories. She writes and tells stories about her adventures and the diverse group of people she has met over the years - from Sicilian Countesses to Trinidadian chauffeurs. Her contemporary, original stories offer positive messages and inspiring ideas.
Faye tells stories for adults. If you are familiar with National Public Radio and Ira Glass with the “This American Life” show, then you understand the types of stories Faye writes. Faye is hired to tell stories at conferences, association meetings, business events, festivals, nonprofit events, wineries, fundraisers, assisted living communities, house parties, association meetings, family reunions, and many other venues.
In addition to telling stories, Faye conducts storytelling workshops for businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit groups. Her workshops focus on using the power of story to grow the bottom line, increase marketing results, and increase customer satisfaction. Working one-on-one with business owners and directors of nonprofit groups, Faye is commissioned to write original, customized stories to help businesses grow or to help people connect to a nonprofit’s cause and increase fundraising efforts. Faye is the author of Sicilian Stories: Living Just Off the Toe of Italy's Boot.

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