Multi-passionate creative entrepreneur with a penchant for pretty design.

Reality TV. Don't judge.

Networking and meeting up with other creatives in the city.

It's actually the Calvin Coolidge quote about persistence. My dad has it framed and hanging in his office so I grew up seeing it. It's really the single best piece of advice ever, and it can apply to any situation.

I have a good friend who owns a popular business here in Atlanta. She is funny, fly, smart, creative and FEARLESS. I really admire how she sets her sights on what she wants and goes after it with a vengeance!

My southern (belle) sensibility. It's disarming.

To become a backup singer (or dancer) for Beyonce. (Ashley Everett, I'm gunning for you.)

The telephone number from my childhood home.

Memorizing song lyrics in a ridiculously short span of time.