creative vision + voice behind Stranded on Land. e has made a career out of passion and has spent 10+ years in brand strategy and field marketing through organic cultural connections. currently posted up in san diego she's exploring, profiling people and partners and bringing you fresh content, daily. with the belief that you are the creator of your own happiness and destiny, her goal is to build a community of outdoor adventure sport enthusiasts that will provide a go-to for inspiration, connection and experiences that creates opportunities for others to follow their passions and live more of their dreams everyday. balancing the feeling of being stuck between nomadism and the daily grind, she dedicates as much time as she can to travel, nature and adventure, connecting with the locals and capturing the moments. you'll often see her talking about writing poetry, photography, adventure sports, outdoor exploration and craft food and cocktails.

Front and back end web design and development. Preparing and pitching sales proposal for partnership

"if they don't get it, it has nothing to do with me"

My dad. He's taught me patience and persistence.

Marketing Consulting; restaurant / service industy

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