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Marine plastic pollution

Saying "no" to things

"You can always develop a deeper familiarity with the minutiae, asymptotically approaching mastery. But this is a process with diminishing returns. Would you rather carve a door 1% better than you did last year, or learn how to build the rest of the house in the same amount of time?" —David Cole, Director of Design at Quora

Adam Young (aka Owl City)—he turned his hobby into a wildly successful career, all while overcoming social anxiety and insomnia.

The geology department called me "Eagle Eye" because I can spot features in rock outcrops like nobody's business.

Conservation biologist—I worked at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge for four months, monitoring critically-endangered species, restoring native habitat, and mitigating hazardous marine litter.

Magic: The Gathering cards... don't judge me.

The card game Casino—I think everyone should have a great 2-player card game in their back pocket.

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