A world wanderer, adrenaline sports lover, mountain hiker and climber, MTB rider, DYI fan and many more in one shell! Somewhere and nowhere, but best on the way through the wild lands with a backpack on my back! Money and a time spent for travelling are the best spent money in my life! An investment to yourself, that helps understand a lot of thing, that gives you - maybe - a different kind of an education, that you can gain in the university, but - in my opinion - more important for the life, than anybody can imagine.

Traveling, basketball that I used to play almost 9 years in the 1st league. About art, design, technology .. I´m like a sponge that sucks up everything around, not only what I like. I try to sense a world around me and learn constantly.

Sometimes with myself

Do not do such things to others that you do not want to do others to you! Do not lie, behave well, think not only about yourself, but also about others, and always greet respectfully and thank where it is needed!

My mom & dad!

Who knows? I don't like to give up, sometimes I'm headstrong, but only in the times when I believe that's the right way and I can´t hurt to somebody thanks to my behaviour! I can attentively listen to the people, and give a help hand when it is needed.

A big big dream is to restore life of the family heritage in the future. A typical farmstead, that my ancestors built through the years, to be then subsequently confiscated by the Communists and ruined down. And then a part of the farm, then operate as a therapeutic center for the people suffering from a mental illness.

A lot of things that I saw through my way around the world, awesome art, sights, nature beauties, stories that happened to me in different countries
And numbers and numbers, and again numbers. Because I do not like a memorizing of the things that I can´t count or explicate or logically substantiate or live through.

If it were impossible, then to communicate with the dead and say hello to my beloved sister, grandpas and grandmas! And to communicate with the cleverest, genius people and master-minds from the history, it would be awesome and unbelievable experience!

Don't remember. I rather spend my free time in the nature, with sport or with a paper book in my hand than by seeking this kind of entertainment on Internet. Maybe I´m quite old, maybe old fashioned, but this kind of entertainment gives me nothing!

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