Copy & CS? Yep. I feel at home in duality — Logic and Creative Writing were my two favorite classes in college. In the work world, it means being comfortable with nestling up to spreadsheets that have to be exact as much as with kicking ideas around with an art director. And around. And around.

An old boss of mine said the best thing about me is that I care. Actually, he used more colorful language that involves a four-letter word for poop — but anyway! — I'd have to agree. I really care. About the client, co-workers, the work itself, and getting it right. So there.

PS: If you're into Clifton Strengths, they've labeled me thusly: Futuristic, Activator, Connectedness, Positivity, Achiever. Yup!

Brand storytelling. UX. Front- and back-end CS. Mindfulness. Being a team player. Throwing myself in the work completely.

This question. Hmmmm...

Interviews are just conversations.

Humility because successful people know there are lots of folks trying to do the same and, for whatever reason(s), they may not always make it.


I wish I had one. #Sigh.

My 4th birthday when I "found" my stuffed seal. His name is Algernon.

How to be present if they only had 5 minutes a day to spare.

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