First and foremost I'm an Artist and owner of The Ride a small boutique bike shop which features my custom painted bikes. Prior to my shop my work background is mostly filled with geeky techy stuff such as process automation, process improvement, content management, project management, product launches, usability testing and user analyst. I still have a little bit of my need to be a process geek and do some consulting on the side.

Art/Graphic Design, Process development/improvement/automation, project management, user interface, product management, and usability testing/development.

Keeping up-to.

Keep learning even when there's nothing to learn.

My mother, she is the strongest also smartest person I know. She was oneof the 1st women to go through police academy in CA. She is also a process geek (her mentor was E. Deming). And has made major improvements in government agencies.

Understanding why people think the way they do. As we as process mapping and design.

Doing it now... Im an Artist.

Anything I have process mapped.

How to cut an amazing stencil