Elijah McKinnon is a marketing maven, cultural producer, and artist. In addition to serving as the Founder and Director of People Who Care --- an independent consultancy that works exclusively with Chicago-based nonprofits and grassroots initiatives -- they also are actively involved in Chicago's queer, creative and philanthropic communities. Elijah recently directed and produced season two of “Two Queens in a Kitchen,” Open TV -Beta’s turn-to-relevance cooking series that examines the Black queer experience through food, lifestyle and personal anecdotes. They are constantly moving and shaking in an attempt to build meaningful relationships and encourage resource sharing. In addition to their professional credits, Elijah manages the coworking/event studio REUNION in Humboldt Park with fellow Cultural Producer Kristen Kaza, holds a seat on the board of IPaintMyMind, volunteers at Creative Mornings Chicago, serves as the Executive Director and host of Canvas Primer and the Head of Marketing and Design for Open TV - Beta.

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