I just moved from Texas to become the director of a new experientially based, residential, housing program focused on developing young Christian professionals through intentional community living.

Counseling, Teaching, Engagement, Books, Music, The Spanish Language, Latino culture, Home repair/maint/decoration. DIY projects. Education. Organization. GEO-CACHING.

Learning the Chattanooga history and Community. Making personal and business connections. AND Finding a good location/community for putting down some roots.

"The vision of your company does not belong solely to you." -- Jonathan Ingraham (Chattanooga Fellows)

Corrie Ten Boom, because she thrived inwardly during a time of great injustice, sadness, and loneliness. She never lost her unswerving faith, knowing all along that it was the one thing in this life that no one could ever take from her.

Getting things done, and done well--under circumstances that others claim are "impossible". AND maybe making people laugh in moments where they seem like they want to cry.

Community counseling AND Secondary Education (Grades 1-12 ELAR)

Song lyrics. Feelings. Directions.

I would teach them all about GEO-CACHING!!!

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