I am a mother of 4 and already all adults. For the past 30 years, my job has been to take care of them and my home, which is sometimes quite complex. It is a full time job for which we need knowledge of management, education, medicine, psychology and more. My background is in health (I worked with amputees), but for the past 30 years I've done training in event management and, for pleasure (a lot), I've done a course in HTML and CSS. I am currently very interested in UX and UI and seriously think about deepening my knowledge in this area.

Tudo aquilo por que me interesse

Pessoas negativas

Tem calma e sorri

A minha mãe. Pela sua coragem, resiliência e fé.


Para onde a vida me levar ( com uma pequena ajuda, claro 😬)

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....apesar de não parecer, vai tudo correr bem. E não é que corre!!!

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