Eli Silva is a User Experience Architect based in Dallas, Texas. Co-Founder of Helicase, a firm that focuses on UX, he believes in working towards excellence and making the world a better place we can share. He does this by helping people understand the value of user experience and how much it means for humans to bring empathy to work.

UX and research, technical stuff

Extracting simplicity.

When you master complexity, you have to do it for every problem you come across. You're the master, but no one else can help. When you can extract simplicity, you make any problem approachable.

I most admire my mother, who has proven time and again that hard work, dedication and optimism are a combined force that can move mountains and change the world.

My secret superpower wouldn't be so secret if I told you, would it? Anyways, I'm most regarded for my ability to wrap my head around lots of moving parts and synthesize them into something powerful.

The power of why

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