Mom of 3 amazing kids! Fiancé to the most incredible dude ever! Lover of life and positive energy... Explorer...

I know a lot about the way coffee changes my life every morning... I'm good at couponing and bargain shopping, mom life, behavioral therapy, pharmacology, mental health, and people with disabilities.

I need more positive and inspirational people in my life to help me bounce ideas and volunteers to practice invasive brain surgery on.

Everything in moderation. Balance is key.

I admire all people who have real goals and the self-discipline and stamina to achieve them.


I'd love to be a travel blogger married to a hot nerdy genius who takes me along on his business trips... or I could be a stay-at-home mom of 10 kids and coach a baseball team.

The smell of the laundry I keep forgetting to put in the dryer. The chorus to "What does the fox say," Tongue twisters. How to tie my shoes.

How to get a discount or earn cashback on almost anything.


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