Starting with my first camera in High School, photography has always been my passion. I shot my friends playing in Punk Rock bands, cruising around on their skateboards in San Francisco Bay Area.

I tried my hand at college studying Fine Art and Photography and toying with the idea of pursuing an MFA, but the lure of shooting for magazines and record labels pulled me away from the classroom.

My training includes the old "analog" methods of photography. I still enjoy using my film cameras from time to time - the organic nature of shooting photos on film is still something we can replicate with digital cameras. The influences of photographers like George Hurrell, Pete Turner, Albert Watson, Robert Frank, Margaret Bourke-White and Helmut Newton helped inspire my career and personal style of photography.

Experimenting with new ideas and skills in photography and applications such as Adobe Photoshop keep me fresh and passionate about my work. I'm currently excited about animated cinemagraphs, video and stop motion animation. I'll be sharing those things on here when I'm statified with the results.

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