They call me The Creative Connector! I'm a Communications Strategist who loves networking, football, and shoes!

Talking and drinking coffee. I love people, and I love connecting and discovering the unique talents and passions that we all have.

Maximizing time and resources to help my business run more smoothly.

Expect the Unexpected

My Grandmother. She was fearless, bold, and never met a new task that she couldn't conquer successfully.

Connecting. I've had life changing conversations with everyone from an Army General to a homeless dad. Change starts with conversation and discovery.

Voice impersonations. Wanna hear one?

My 1st artistic masterpiece. A self portrait of me in the tub with a zillion bubbles that I presented to my Mom for Mother's Day....Made me feel like I was a rock star who could create anything I dreamed about.

How to use their personalities and passions to create a life they love on their terms.

A contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras twerking for her crown.

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