As a recent graduate from St. John's University, Olivia Jade has acquired years of experience and knowledge in communications, marketing, and business. Her first introduction into the industry as a creative music/entertainment writer was a jump-start into the world of marketing and social media branding for VIBE Magazine. From there, her love for marketing and audience engagement increased. She then transitioned into concentrating her efforts into the world of online marketing and brand management. Whilst creating her own content for her blog, she has increased online audience engagement and brand awareness for numerous events, brands, companies, and individual artists alike. As a testament to her own hard work and entrepreneurial endeavors, Olivia Jade has grown her own online audience to 6k+, as well as 300+ subscribers to her blog which she began in April 2016. The growth continues.

Right now, Olivia Jade is searching for growth opportunities in the marketing and branding industry: content curation, project development, social media management, internet marketing specialization, brand consultation.

---- nothing. doesn't the quote say, "(s)he knows that he knows nothing, knows everything"? (How to come off modest 101.)

funding, or building relationships to create opportunities for funding. These seeds of ideas need water to grow! Also, branding myself and intersecting my professionalism and creative side.

"Just fucking do it."

Any and everyone who believed in themselves enough to accomplish something.

My ability to attract people, and make them feel welcome. It's like voodoo. ~

Plan A has to work; but, probably get my doctorates and travel, write and publish books, and become a philosophy professor at a university.

I would teach them that everything they need to progress, or everything they desire, already resides within them. It's important to remind others of the power they have within them. And then, I'd teach them about these cool ass dance moves I have.

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